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Mini and Hardly and the Big Adventure (PB) - PGC

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Meet two cheeky little unicorns in a big rush to grow up, in this beautiful picture book from award-winning author and illustrator, Catherine Rayner. Mini is small, and Hardly is smaller - and neither of them are happy about it! In fact, they're downright fed up. Being grown-up would be SO much better. They could eat what they want, stay up all night, and go on adventures. So, why wait? It's not long before the two little unicorns find themselves on an adventure a little bigger than they'd bargained for! Perhaps being small isn't so bad - after all, it makes you perfect for the BIGGEST cuddles. A gorgeously illustrated, heartwarming picture book about unicorns from Kate Greenaway Medal-winner Catherine Rayner, author of Solomon Crocodile, Smelly Louie, and Arlo The Lion Who Couldn't Sleep.