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LUDI - Acrobatic Penguins

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Have fun with these cute balancing penguins!

Discover our 8 brave acrobats - your child will love putting them into the most unlikely positions! Their only limit is their imagination!

This balancing toy for little ones aged 12 months or over is great for developing their concentration and fine motor skills. There are all sorts of things you can do with them: use the two ice floes to build a penguin pyramid, stack the penguins on top of each other, stand them all in a line then knock them down like dominoes, etc.

The penguins and their ice floes are made of foam so that they float in the bath and easily stick to smooth, wet surfaces (non-porous tiles, the sides of a bath or shower cubicle, etc.). Children love watching the penguins swim in the bath, then fishing them out and sticking them to the side of the bath before moving them somewhere else!

When they've finished playing, they can just tidy all their toys away in the storage net - if they were playing in the bath, the water will just drain away and the toys will stay nice and clean!

This is a toy requiring skill and patience - children can practise in their rooms, in the living room or in the bath - and challenge the rest of the family to do better!